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        Free access to 1000's of expertly written CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters

        Classic CV

        Outstanding samples that can be your ticket to getting the job you want & deserve.

        Modern CV

        Create an immediate and positive impression with these superb designs.

        Entry level CV

        Limited or no work experience? Use these to fix that.

        Cover Letters

        Well written cover letters that can act as an advert for your CV.

        Search our templates:


        Win an interview by creating a good impression of yourself and by communicating a positive message.

        CV Builder

        Create, edit, save and download an unlimited number of CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters – for FREE!

        CV Writing

        Save yourself a lot of time, effort and headache by letting us do the hard work for you.

        Use our CV Builder
        its totally FREE!

        Our builder allows you to create, edit, save and download an unlimited number of stunning CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters.

        It’s a fast and effective way to put together an interview winning document that will get you noticed by the right people. Best of all its completely free!


        Length of a CV

        How long should your CV be.

        Career gaps

        Tactfully explaining these.

        Interview tips

        Preparing for a tough interview.

        PDF or MS Word?

        Which one is the best to use.

        Beating a ATS

        Beating Applicant Tracking Systems.

        Reading job adverts

        Get vital information from them.

        Action words

        These can make you stand OUT!

        Personal statements

        Writing a winning one.

        Identifying your skills

        Finding ones that employers want.


        STAND OUT with designs like these!

        Modern sample 1

        Modern sample 2

        Modern sample 3

        Modern sample 4

        Modern sample 5

        Modern sample 6

        Crossword themed CVs

        (Click image to view PDF version)

        Crossword 1

        Crossword 2

        Crossword 3

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